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Let's Do Science B.C. - Grades 1-3

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Aligns with B.C. Core Competencies and Science Learning Standards

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Let’s Do Science supports B.C. teachers by giving students opportunities to explore new ideas, develop science skills, and connect science concepts to their world. All units integrate First Peoples’ perspectives and place-based learning.

Each Let’s Do Science unit comes with a Teacher’s Guide, Read Alouds, Science Library, Posters, and double-sided large Science Cards. Grade 3 includes Student Magazines instead of Cards. Additional teacher resources available online!

Grade 1 Units

Living Things in Their Environment • Properties of Materials • Light and Sound • Patterns and Cycles of Earth and Sky

Unit 1 Layout

Grade 2 Units

Life Cycles • Materials Change • Types of Forces • Water in the Environment

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Grade 3 Units

Biodiversity in the Local Environment • Particles Make Up Matter • Thermal Energy • Changing the Landscape

Let's Do Science B.C. Unit 3 Sample Layout

Classroom Posters

What Is the Inquiry Process? • What Is the Design Process?

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Grades 1–2 units includes

    Biodiversity samples

  • 3–6 double-sided large Science Cards
  • 1–3 Read Alouds to introduce and engage students with science concepts related to the unit
  • Science Library of fiction and non-fiction books that connect to the science concepts in the unit. The books span a range of reading levels and can be used in a variety of ways
  • Teacher’s Guide includes lesson plans, student self-assessment, teacher assessment, and rubrics
  • Features Before, During, and After Reading activities and a strong writing connection with multiple writing activities
  • Let’s Do Science Teacher Website with Anchor video, Interactive whiteboard activities and Digital versions of the Science Cards
  • 1–2 Posters, 1 Inquiry Process poster and 1 Design Process poster

Grade 3 units include:

16 copies of student magazine • Teacher’s Guide • 2-3 Read Alouds • Let’s Do Science Teacher Website • 1-2 Posters

16 copies of student magazine, Teacher’s Guide, 2-3 Read Alouds, Let’s Do Science Teacher Website, 1-2 Posters
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