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Phonics Instruction & Decodable Texts

Build foundational literacy skills with innovative phonics resources and decodable series.
Product cover for Language Foundations
Grades K-3
Created in partnership with Wiley Blevins, this resource offers an engaging, easy-to-follow systematic, explicit approach to phonics.
Product cover for Short Reads Decodables
Grades K-3
Two-sided cards give students an accessible format to confidently practise newly taught phonics skills with a variety of diverse and engaging texts.
Product cover for Read to Know Text Sets
Grades K-3
Build content-area knowledge while cementing phonics skills with these highly decodable text sets.
Product cover for Scholastic Phonics School & Home Fiction
Grades K-2
A selection of diverse and inclusive decodable books to engage early readers designed for school and home.
Product cover for Scholastic Phonics School & Home Non-fiction
Grades K-2
A carefully structured series of inclusive non-fiction decodable books.
Product cover for Sound Rhymes
Grades K-2
Build foundational skills with simple, fast, and fun large-format instructional cards.
Product cover for Sound Hunts
Grades K-2
Develop vocabulary and phonemic skills with engaging, illustrated large cards.
Product cover for Catch Up Your Code
Grades 4-8
The catch-up phonics program that closes gaps in students' knowledge in just 10 minutes per day.
Product cover for Sort Out Your Syllables
Grades 4-8
A strategy-based resource for teaching decoding, pronouncing, and spelling multisyllabic words.
Product cover for Rime Magic
Grades 1-8
A word-recognition resource that uses patterns in words to “crack the code” with students’ ability to hear onsets and rimes to make letter-sound connections.
Product cover for RISE and RISE UP
Grades 1-8
A reading intervention program that provides targeted, small-group instruction in reading comprehension, word study and phonics, and writing.

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