The Lunch Club




Unicorn enthusiast.
New kid at school.
Member of the Philately Club.



Class clown.
Sports fan.
Member of the Philately Club.


Mr. Peabody

Amateur napper.
Official guardian of the Philately Club.


#1 It Came from the Basement

Things are perfectly nice at Pleasant Valley Elementary. The hallways are clean. The staff love kittens. There are many enriching and entertaining clubs to join. And there’s nothing monstrous in the basement. At all. Really. Can three unlikely heroes come together...and save the world?

#2 The Curse of the Scarewolf

Festive fall fun is underway at Pleasant Valley Elementary. The science fair is bustling. Costumes for the Halloween bash are being planned. And a mutant mouse RAT! has turned Mr. Peabody into some sort of wolf. Wait, what? Can Tia and Leo turn him back...or will they, too, turn into slobbery beasts?

#3 The Mutant Mouse from Outer Space

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at Pleasantville Elementary — but that doesn’t mean that all is calm. A mysterious gift winds up spreading more than Christmas cheer as student after student turn into mutant zombies. Where did this gift come from? Who is behind it? How can it be stopped? And how does a lava lamp fit into all of this?

#4 Revenge of the Bigfoot

It’s spring break at Pleasant Valley Elementary. Time for our heroes to have some well-earned rest and relaxation in the great outdoors. Getting unplugged, reconnecting with nature, enjoying campfires and roasted marshmallows. Fleeing from giant hairy monsters. You know . . . the usual.

#5 The Return of the Mummy

It’s history week at Pleasant Valley Elementary. There’s an interesting and informative museum field trip. The sealing of a time capsule will be the grand finale of many educational events.

But Mr. Peabody is missing, lost in time and space! Can Tia and Leo find him before the evil McSticky rewrites history itself?

#6 The Swamp Thingy

It's summer vacation at Pleasant Valley Elementary.

Time for tree houses. Ice cream and baseball. Hanging at the beach. The smell of freshly mown grass on a sunny day. But when Tia discovers a monstrous swamp creature, our intrepid heroes uncover an all-new dastardly plot to control the world!

#7 Night of the Living Rocks

It's a lazy afternoon in Pleasant Valley. Time for Video games. Stamp collecting. Lasso practice. But deep underground in her secret lair, Madame Celeste is plotting to control the future, and this time she's got a shortcut.

An evil, terrible shortcut.

Can Tia and Leo outsmart Madame Celeste and her relentless rock minions, get Mr. Peabody out of yet another pickle, and save the world... again?

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Dominique Pelletier

Dom Pelletier started drawing cartoons at the age of five and has not stopped since! He attended Laval University, and after spending time in the great outdoors planting trees for a living and travelling the world, he worked as a video game designer. His popular joke book series 100 blagues! Et plus... now has over 50 very funny bestselling titles. The new Lunch Club graphic novel series is his first in English with Scholastic Canada. He lives with his wife in Saint-Liboire, Quebec.


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