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About Elise

Elise Gravel is one of the most popular children's book creators in Quebec. She has written and illustrated over 30 titles, and her winning combination of art and humour has played a big part in her appeal. In 2022, she was awarded the Vicky Metcalf Award in recognition of her lifetime achievement in children's literature.

It all started in kindergarten, where she showed signs of her budding artistic talent. She made friends easily because she was very good at drawing princesses with long, ringleted hair. By high school, she had moved on to drawing what she imagined to be ideal partners for each of her friends, an endeavour that was somewhat less successful.

But it wasn't until Elise was actually studying graphic design at CEGEP that she finally decided to become an illustrator.

Today, Elise uses her sharp wit and unique sense of humour to help awaken the critical thinking skills of her young readers. Through her passionate advocacy in support of equality, tolerance and freedom for all peoples, she has won the hearts of readers young and old, attracting more and more fans with each new book.