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I'm So Embarrassed! (Tell Me A Story!)

Categories: Humour, Picture Book
ISBN: 9780439937832 Pages: 0 Ages: 8 and up Dimensions: 10" x 14.5"

About this book

Andrew's mom is SO embarrassing - he can't take her anywhere!! It's time for Andrew to get new sneakers, but when his mother offers to take him to the mall, Andrew is hesitant. His mother always embarrasses him whenever they are in public, but she promises to be good, so off they go! They're not even inside the mall before his mom is spitting on her hand and smoothing down his hair! It's one hilariously mortifying moment after another: an aunt plants lipstick kisses all over Andrew's face, baby pictures get shown to his teacher, girls' underpants are waved around. It's just too much! Then Andrew runs into his friend,Taylor Jae, who's having the same embarrassing
experience with her mom.They decide to hide in a trashcan until it's over, scheming to give their moms a taste of their own embarrassing medicine!

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