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The Grumpy Pirate

Categories: Picture Book
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ISBN: 9781338222975 Pages: 40 Ages: 3-5 Dimensions: 8.375" x 10.250"
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About this book

There is one grumpy pirate.
They call him Grumpy Gus.
He grunts and gripes and grouses,
and always makes a fuss.

Gus the Pirate complains about everything -- ARRRRRGH! Gus grumbles about his lumpy bed and his itchy clothes. He complains about the yucky food and doing his chores on the pirate ship. Even sailing toward buried treasure can't make Gus happy! Finally, the other pirates have had enough! They ask the Pirate Queen to help.

So the Pirate Queen gives Grumpy Gus a pet parrot -- but the parrot is grumpy, too! After Gus spends the day with a parrot who's just as grumbly and grouchy as he is, Gus realizes his bad attitude might be a little hard to deal with. Can Gus turn his frown upside down before the other pirates make him walk the plank?

All kids can relate to feeling grumpy like Gus, and this swashbuckling pirate adventure teaches kids the importance of trying to have a positive attitude!


Praise for The Grumpy Pirate:

"The art is cartoony and appealing. It won't take much searching for kids to recognize themselves (or their siblings) in Gus' general poutiness... A paean to grouchy Guses everywhere presented with pouty piratical aplomb." -- Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Pirates Go to School:

"The eager-to-learn pirates learn to clean up after their parrots and not to swear... A humorous read." -- School Library Journal

Praise for Saying Goodbye to Lulu:

* "Demas uses sensory details to bring the story to life... A sensitive, hopeful portrayal." -- Booklist, starred review


Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre 2020

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