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Guess what word I'm saying - Sample

Scholastic’s Sound Hunts is a set of 40 large-format instructional cards that will help Kindergarten to Grade 2 students build their vocabulary, phonemic awareness, decoding skills, and background knowledge.

With engaging illustrations and quick activities, these cards support phonological and phonemic awareness, knowledge of the alphabetic code, word recognition and decoding skills, and vocabulary and oral language.

Each set of cards includes:

Picture of Guide Cards

Guide Card

The first card in the set is a helpful guide on how to use Sound Hunts. The front of the card includes a guide on the other 39 cards in the set, with each card focusing on one of the 46 sounds of English.

The back of the card explains how to use the activities and provides an overview of the speech-to-sound-to-print approach, which helps students learn the alphabetic code quickly.

Sound Hunts Cards

The 39 Sound Hunts cards include a detailed illustration on the front that provides students with the opportunity to search for the sounds in different words. An activity on the back of each card builds a variety of foundational literacy skills, including:

  • Isolating and pronouncing phonemes
  • Blending phonemes
  • Learning phoneme-grapheme relationships
  • Decoding
  • Recognising high-frequency words
  • Oral Language and vocabulary
  • Print knowledge
Picture of Sound Rhymes Cards
Picture of Digital and Printable Cards

Digital and Printable Cards

To facilitate interactive and flexible use, digital and printable versions of the Sound Hunts cards are available:

  • Digital versions support whole class discussion with projected illustrations
  • Printable versions give students the chance to hunt for images containing the focus sound and to practice reading using the phoneme-grapheme relations and high-frequency words they have learned

Card Samples

Card Samples 1 - photo
Overview Guide Card

Card Samples 2 - photo
Sound Card

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For more than 20 years, author and educator Joy Allcock, M.Ed., has developed resources that build a bridge between research and practice, ensuring that teachers have access to research-driven methods that really work.

Sound Hunts Set Collections

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