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Simon Sort of Says

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ISBN: 9781039708778 Pages: 320 Ages: 9-12 Dimensions: 4.988" x 7.756"

About this book

Simon O’Keeffe tells a lot of stories: like how his family was driven out of Omaha by alpacas. And how his church-deacon dad accidentally gave a squirrel a holy sacrament. And how his undertaker mom occasionally has to wrangle emus.

But the story Simon doesn’t tell is the one he’d do anything to forget: Simon is the only survivor of a school shooting. That story has followed him everywhere — everywhere except his new home in the National Quiet Zone, where the internet is banned so radio astronomers can listen for signs of life in space.

Then Simon meets a kid who wants to give the astronomers what they’ve been looking for . . . and he finally gets the chance to tell a new story about himself.

This is that story.

Hilarious, heart-wrenching and ultimately hopeful, this story is about finding your friends, healing your heart and speaking your truth.


"An uproarious small-town comedy with a devastating tragedy at its core, played out by a cast as memorable for its animals as its people. Adroit, sensitive, horrifying, yet hilarious." — Kirkus Reviews

"Bow cloaks a story of very real, tragic anxiety in a compassionate, funny, inventive tangle of characters, wacky incidents and physics. With a quick wit and imaginative exuberance, she offers a tale that’s heartwarming, comic and quite unpredictable." — Toronto Star

*“Original and sometimes disturbing, Plain Kate is a compelling story of dark magic and a remarkable debut by a talented writer.” (Plain Kate) — Quill & Quire, starred review

“… a story of strength, courage, and resilience that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt abandoned, alone, or doubted themselves and their place in the world. Bow delivers a jubilant tale that celebrates the power of family, love, and young women.” (Stand on the Sky) — Quill & Quire


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