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Jingle (Swindle #8)

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Part of series: Swindle
Categories: Fiction, Mystery
ISBN: 9780545861427 Pages: 208 Ages: 8-12 Dimensions: 5.87" x 8.55"

About this book

JINGLE: a light clinking or tingling sounds, often heralding the approach of Santa, reindeer, or the mysterious thief of a priceless possession . . .

Griffin Bing and his friends are NOT happy. Instead of going away for winter break, they've been signed up to volunteer at a local Christmas extravaganza . . . as elves.

It's not easy being an elf. Not when Santa is bad news and Rudolph is being played by a Doberman who makes up his own rules wherever he goes.

But being an elf is nothing compared to being blamed when a prized Christmas possession -- worth over ten million dollars -- is stolen right from under your nose.

It's time for these elves to get off the shelf and track down a Christmas thief!



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