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I Am Canada: A Celebration

Board Book  
ISBN: 9781443175982 Pages: 28 Ages: up to-3 Dimensions: 6.750" x 6.750"
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About this book

What is being a Canadian kid all about?

Simple text describes the ample space available to our children in this country, and the freedom they have to grow and dream and share. With artwork from 13 of Canada’s finest illustrators, each page is a celebration and a reminder of the infinite variety of our home and native land.

Heather Patterson’s free verse poem I Am Canada, originally published in 1996, speaks to a new generation in this perfect toddler gift. Bright illustrations by some of Canada’s best children’s book creators provide a view of different art styles, highlighting Canada’s diversity in a very special way.


Praise for I Am Canada:

Each spread is unique and recognizable to fans of these artists, yet the overall presentation is surprisingly cohesive, unified by the themes of diversity, landscapes, and positivity. ... I Am Canada is a beautiful book that belongs in all Canadian collections. Highly Recommended.” CM: Canadian Review of Materials

“This charming book is a celebration of both Canada and Canadian illustrators from across the country, with varied backgrounds, styles and perspectives... an inspired interpretation of this lovely poem, a cohesive vision of what it means to be Canadian, created by 13 remarkable illustrators. The diversity in illustration styles fittingly reflects the diversity of our home and native land — its landscapes, flora and fauna and, of course, its people. Each illustration is a joy to behold and will captivate readers young and old. The cheerful, buoyant children who dance across the pages are explorers and dreamers; they are sharing, playing, learning and contemplating. [T]his is a perfect book for our sesquicentennial, a wonderful resource kindling discussion about the deeper meanings of being Canadian.” — Canadian Children’s Book News, Red Leaf Literature reviews


Commended, Toronto Public Library First & Best Booklist 2017
Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre 2017
Commended, Resource Links, Best of the Year 2017
Commended, Toronto Public Library First & Best booklist 2017

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