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Robert Munsch


By Robert Munsch
Illustrations by Michael Martchenko

Ages 2 - 5
32 Pages
Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN 9781443142908 Paperback
ISBN 9781443142915 Hardcover
ISBN 9781443133135 Board book
Also available in French: Tout plein de câlins

This adorable tale is now available in picture book format!

On the day Thea is mad at Mommy, she and her little brother Tate go for a walk around the block. They meet a snail, a skunk, a porcupine, and a gorilla, and get a hug from each one — but the hugs are slimy, smelly, poky and way too hard! It’s not until they get back to Mommy that both Tate and Thea get the best hug of all — a Mommy hug!

This gently affirming story from Robert Munsch is already a bestseller in board book format.

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