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Categories: Fiction, Sports
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ISBN: 9781443148689 Pages: 200 Ages: 9-14 Dimensions: 5.04" x 7.76"

About this book

Steven White is a perennial new-kid-in-town, avid snowboarder and occasional “white” liar. But at his new school, when his plan for instant popularity backfires, a humbled pro-snowboarder gives him a crash course in being himself.

Seventh-grader Steven White's family has just moved – again – this time to Oregon. The upside is that there is lots of great snowboarding. But Steven dreads having to start over in yet another new school. So he devises a scheme to instantly boost his popularity: he tells his classmates that he's champion snowboarder Cody White's cousin and the friends will come to him.

Of course it's only a matter of time before the White lie unravels, the kids shun him, and Steven finds himself facing the worst, loneliest Winter Break ever.

Then he meets pro-snowboarder D-Day Davis on the slopes. D-Day is hiding out after a disastrous X-Games appearance. While Steven yearns to be a pro snowboarder, D-Day just wants to be a normal teenager again. But Steven doesn't respect Danny's request to stay under the radar, and soon their friendship is in jeopardy. Can D-Day show Steven that all he needs to do is be himself? And can Steven help his hero get his mojo back?

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