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Photo of White Fox: Dilah and the Moon Stone

White Fox: Dilah and the Moon Stone

Categories: Fiction
Power of Story: Racialized Identities
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ISBN: 9781338635379 Pages: 288 Ages: 8-12

About this book

When a young white fox named Dilah discovers a human family, he begins to dream of being human himself. But when his parents are assassinated, long-held secrets and a legend about a miraculous treasure rise to the surface. A treasure with the power to make animals human...

The clues to its location are contained in a moonstone buried beneath their den. But evil blue foxes seek the treasure too and Dilah must race to find it first. Along the way, he meets all sorts of other creatures: a friendly seal, an ancient tortoise, and a fierce leopard -- but can he stay one step ahead?

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