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Waddle! Waddle!

Categories: Picture Book
ISBN: 9780545418461 Pages: 32 Ages: 4-8 Dimensions: 8.500" x 11.250"
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About this book

What's a penguin to do when he can't find his new friend?

Yesterday he made a friend who was an absolutely amazing dancer--but now he can't find him anywhere!

Waddle...waddle...bellyslide! along with this hopeful penguin as his search for his new friend takes him on some zany adventures--and ultimately, to an unexpected and heartwarming conclusion.

Acclaimed creator James Proimos, illustrator of Year of the Jungle by Suzanne Collins, brings his zest and zany humor to this charming friendship story.


Praise for Waddle! Waddle!:

"This humorous adventure zooms along in snappy dialogue that is barely contained in large, colorful speech bubbles. A delightful refrain of "Waddle. Waddle. Belly Slide!" will have children chanting or, more likely, shouting along. Friendship on the ice: fraught with danger but funny and fulfilling in the end." -- Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Year of the Jungle:

*"Where more realistic illustrations would feel overwrought and sentimental, Proimos' [drawings] are sturdy and sweet, reflecting a child's clear-eyed innocence." -- Booklist, starred review

*"Proimos' ink-lined, digitally colored illustrations are the pitch-perfect tonal complement to Collins' narration... " -- The Bulletin for the Center for Children's Books, starred review

Praise for Swim! Swim!:

"[Proimos] uses the comic-book format, with panels and word balloons, to great effect here; Lerch's repeated "Swim! Swim!" can be a nice storytime chant. The bright colors and clear art match the simple story and will attract the youngest read-to-me set." -- Booklist

"The large font and few words make this simple story of friendship accessible to early readers." -- School Library Journal

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