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Pen Pal (Tony Baloney)

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Categories: Fiction
ISBN: 9780545650373 Pages: 40 Ages: 5-7 Dimensions: 6.31" x 9.31"
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Tony Baloney is excited. It's Pen Pal Month at school. Tony hopes he and his new pen pal Sam will become friends for life. It looks promising. The two have a lot in common: Sam rides a scooter, plays baseball, is a middle-child, and has a stuffed animal buddy, just like Tony! But when Sam's class comes to visit, Tony gets a big surprise: Sam is a girl! Can Tony be friends for life with a GIRL?


Praise for Tony Baloney Buddy Trouble

"Fotheringham’s macaroni penguins are as delightful as ever--Ryan proves yet again that she understands young children."--Kirkus, starred review:

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