Photo of Moose! (Tell Me A Story!)

Moose! (Tell Me A Story!)

ISBN: 9781443107211 Pages: 32 Ages: 3-8 Dimensions: 10.125" x 11.5"

About this book

When Luke finds a moose in the backyard, nobody believes him — and then nobody can make it go away!

Luke gets up early one Saturday morning and finds a moose in the backyard. He wakes up his dad, and then his mom, and each declares that "moose never come on the farm" — only to be surprised (and squashed) by the moose itself. Mom tries to shoo it away with a broom — but the moose eats it. Dad tries to scare it away with a hose — but the moose takes a nice bath. Luke feeds the moose carrots and decides to keep it in his tree house. But then Luke's sisters come along, with a surprising solution to the problem!

Listen and follow along as Robert Munsch recounts this most unusual tale!


Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre 2012


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