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The Poetry of Secrets 12+

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ISBN: 9781338634181 Pages: 416 Ages: 12 and up

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"An epic, poetic journey. Brimming with romance and historical detail." -- Ruta Sepetys, New York Times Bestselling Author of Salt to the Sea

Isabel Perez carries secrets with her every day.

As a young woman in 1481, Trujillo, Spain, she should be overjoyed that the alguacil of the city wants to marry her, especially since she and her family are conversos -- Jews forced to convert to Catholicism -- leaving them low in the hierarchy of the new Spanish order. Yet she longs to pursue an independent life filled with poetry and a partner of her own choosing: Diego Altamirano, a young nobleman whose family would never let him court someone with tainted blood like hers.

But Isabel's biggest secret is this: Though the Perezes claim to be New Christians, they still practice Judaism in the refuge of their own home. When the Spanish Inquisition reaches her small town determined to punish such judaizers, Isabel finds herself in more danger than she could ever have imagined. Amid the threat of discovery, she and Diego will have to fight for their lives in a quest to truly be free.

A timeless love story about identity, religious intolerance, and female empowerment, The Poetry of Secrets will sweep readers away with its lush lyricism and themes that continue to resonate today.


Praise for The Poetry of Secrets:

"An epic, poetic journey. Brimming with romance and historical detail." -- Ruta Sepetys, New York Times Bestselling Author of Salt to the Sea

Praise for The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming (cowritten with Laurie David):

A Kirkus Best Book of 2007

A San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of 2007 (Children's Nonfiction)

A Rocky Mountain News Best Children's Book of 2007

Green Earth Book Award Winner (Nonfiction Category)

A CCBC Choices Selection 2008

2008 Santa Monica Public Library Green Prize for Sustainable Literature

2009 California Readers Collection

* "A humorous tone, eye-catching graphics and celebrity connections lend pizzazz to this volume, but there is plenty of substance, too." -- Kirkus Reviews, starred review

* "Dynamic layouts and abundant illustrations and photos enliven the passionate words . . . This engaging and accessible guide, ideal as a gift or book-club option, inspires commitment to the planet." -- Publishers Weekly, starred review

"I've never seen such a comprehensive explanation of the [global warming] phenomenon in so few words." -- The New York Times Book Review

"Brings knotty matters down to manageable scope for youngsters ages 8 and up." -- Metropolitan Home Magazine

"It's easy being green with Laurie David and Cambria Gordon's informative book, which helps kids understand what's happening to our environment." -- Parents Magazine

"Funny and full of tips, the book informs -- and empowers -- kids and adults alike." -- Family Circle

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