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Pig the Tourist

Part of series: Pig the Pug
ISBN: 9781443175685 Pages: 24 Ages: 4-8 Dimensions: 9.479" x 9.835"

About this book

Pig was a pug

and I’m sorry to say,

when he went on vacation

he’d cause great dismay.

When Pig, the world’s most selfish pug, goes on holiday, he causes chaos wherever he goes. The Sphinx loses more than just a nose, the Queen’s corgis are in an uproar, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa is doomed. But every party must come to an end. And it does — a sore one for Pig, when he finally learns that if you disrespect the locals, they might just bite back.

Another laugh-out-loud book from bestselling author Aaron Blabey.


Praise for Pig The Pug:

“Blabey’s jaunty rhymes will make for some fun read-alouds.” — Publisher’s Weekly

Praise for Pig The Winner:

“The important lesson of playing fair and winning (and losing) gracefully is one that everyone should learn, and who better than Pig to teach it? A great addition for storytime collections.” — School Library Journal

Praise for Pig The Elf:

“Clever rhymes and engaging illustrations combine to make this a fun way to convey the message that greed is bad. Highly recommended.” — School Library Journal

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