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One Thousand Hills 12+

Categories: Fiction
Ebook  Paperback  
ISBN: 9781443157605 Pages: 240 Ages: 12- Dimensions: 5.33" x 8.19"

About this book

A heart-wrenching story of how one young boy's life was forever changed during the Rwandan genocide

Agabande, Rwanda, April 1994. Life is simple but good. Pascal and his brother go to school with their friends, their parents work hard, their little sister is growing up, and on Sunday almost everyone they know goes to church to thank God for his goodness. But lately, there have been whispers and suspicious glances around town, and messages of hate on the radio, and people are leaving. . . Then, in one awful night, Pascal’s ordinary life in the land of one thousand hills is turned upside down.

One Thousand Hills an important story of the awful consequences of unfettered prejudice in the modern world, written by a survivor.


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