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One Hockey Night

By David Ward, Illustrated by Brian Deines
Categories: Picture Book, Sports, Hockey
Hardcover  Paperback  
ISBN: 9781443148122 Pages: 32 Ages: 3-8 Dimensions: 9.06" x 10.99"

About this book

Owen and Holly learn that, with friends and hockey, any Christmas can be bright and anyplace can feel like home.

When Owen and Holly have to move from Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia just before Christmas, they miss their friends — and hockey. But their dad has a surprise up his sleeve. On Christmas Eve, the secret is revealed: an outdoor hockey rink he has made nearby — and it’s filled with new friends.

A paperback edition of a favourite Canadian holiday story.


Praise for One Hockey Night:

• Short-listed, OLA Blue Spruce Award

• Short-listed, Lillian Shepherd Memorial Award for Illustration

“A Christmas book, a hockey book [and] a gorgeously illustrated picture book . . . the perfect Canadian kids’ book.” —Canadian Bookseller

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