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Mommy, You're Special To Me

Illustrated by Kim Fleming, By Laine Mitchell
Categories: Pre-school, Seasonal
Board Book  
ISBN: 9781443139274 Pages: 22 Ages: up to-3 Dimensions: 6.52" x 6.75"
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About this book

A celebration of all the things that make mommies special!

Giraffe’s mommy is kind and brave and strong as a knight. She’s very special to giraffe. As Giraffe meets other animals, she learns what each one finds special about its mommy. Panda’s mommy loves flowers and plants them in rows. Octopus’s mommy is famous and puts on plays. What makes your mommy so special to you?

With gorgeous watercolour illustrations featuring baby animals and their lovable moms, this gentle rhyming board book is perfect for moms and babies to cuddle up and read together.

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