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Photo of Mei the Ruby Treasure Dragon (Dragon Girls #4)

Mei the Ruby Treasure Dragon (Dragon Girls #4)

Part of series: Dragon Girls
Paperback  Ebook  
ISBN: 9781338680669 Pages: 144 Ages: 7-10 Dimensions: 5.250" x 7.625"

About this book

Three new girls join the Dragon Girls!

Mei, Aisha, and Quinn are Treasure Dragon Girls. They draw on the power of precious gems to transform into mighty dragons. Tasked with keeping the Magic Forest safe from harm, the Treasure Dragon Girls must come together as a team, embrace their clawsome new abilities, and save the day.

Mei must find the ancient and powerful Forest Book. Inside its pages is the entire history of the Magic Forest. Without its precious knowledge, things will start to go very wrong in this enchanted place!

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