Photo of On Board the Titanic

On Board the Titanic

By Shelley Tanaka, Illustrated by Ken Marschall
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ISBN: 9780590248952 Pages: 48 Ages: 9-12 Dimensions: 8.98" x 11.04"

About this book

"Jack felt the back of his neck prickle with fear. What he had known in his heart for the past hour was suddenly very clear. They would never get in a lifeboat. There simply weren't enough..."

Told through the eyes of two young survivors, and illustrated with breathtaking paintings and fascinating diagrams, this thrilling account vividly recreates the night the world's biggest ship plunged to the bottom of the ocean.


" excellent series of historical picture books..." — Today's Parent

"Told with authority and immediacy..." — The Globe and Mail

"...clean and vivid...sure to appeal to kids..." — Quill and Quire

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