Photo of How to Handle a Bully

How to Handle a Bully

ISBN: 9780545985970 Pages: 96 Ages: 7-9 Dimensions: 5.25" x 7.625"

About this book

Rilla is not about to let some playground bullies stop her fun!

Ms MacArthur's class is pumped about the fitness challenge at the park — it's where kids from local schools compete in a series of events such as chin-ups, a tire run, a bicycle obstacle course and monkey-bar swinging. The winner will get a brand-new bike! But when Rilla and her classmates, Lauren and Nicholas, go to the park to practise, a threatening bully and his sidekicks stop them. Will they ever get to use the playground — or hope to win any of the fitness challenge events?

Though bullying is a serious topic many kids face, Nancy Wilcox Richards's tone is funny, light and positive, and in the end, the Bayfield kids succeed in pulling together to curb the bully's behaviour.

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