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Hockey Luck

By Irene Punt, Illustrated by Gary O'Brien
ISBN: 9781443142786 Pages: 88 Ages: 7-9 Dimensions: 5.26" x 7.59"
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About this book

What do you do when your hockey luck runs out?

It’s a new season for the Glenlake Hawks. It seems everyone but Tom has a hockey superstition or good luck charm. Mark eats pizza before a game; Harty dresses in a certain order; Stuart wears NHL Band-Aids and Jordan never washes his socks. Even Dad has a superstition: not shaving when the Calgary Flames play.

Tom is in a funk because he doesn’t have his old jersey, number 15, which brought him his good luck in the past. Now he wears number 5 and it is giving him bad luck, including no goals. Tom and his friends set out to find him a new good luck charm, but nothing seems to work! Is Tom stuck being unlucky? Or does luck have nothing to do with it?

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