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The Heart's Song

By Gilles Tibo, Illustrated by Irene Luxbacher
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Categories: Picture Book
ISBN: 9781443157216 Pages: 32 Ages: 4-8 Dimensions: 9.74" x 9.76"
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About this book

We cannot live without experiencing loss; but we gain much more from what we give each other.

Children flock to Miss Matilda at her bench in the park. She is the trusted fixer of broken toys and umbrellas. But she is also called on to help mend problems of the heart — a boy who misses his mom; a girl who wants her dad to come home; a child who longs for a friend or doesn't want a new teacher.

After the loss of her beloved bird, when it's her turn to need comfort, the children come together and help to mend her heart with songs, drawings, poems of hope and messages of love.

This deeply touching story, which gently explores sadness and grief, is also a story of community, love and friendship, and coming together through music and art. Stunning, mixed-media art by award-winning illustrator Irene Luxbacher brings the emotions and scenes to life in evocative detail.


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