Photo of Haley and Bix #2: Friends to the Rescue

Haley and Bix #2: Friends to the Rescue

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ISBN: 9780439937351 Pages: 32 Ages: 6-8 Dimensions: 6.375" x 9.25"
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When Bix announces to Haley: "Endangered animals all over the world need our help!’’, the best friends set out to find animals in danger. They do: a cat on a fence (dangerous!); a dog tied to a tree (dangerous!); and rabbits in their hutch (dangerously chilly). When the girls get home with a wagonload of the neighbours’ animals, Mom explains the true meaning of "endangered." The girls still want to help and decide to raise money to save wild animals by setting up a pet wash. By the end of the day, the pets are happy to be clean. The neighbours are happy to have their pets back. And Haley and Bix are happy to have helped. A warm and funny story about friendship and helping, with charming full-colour illustrations that will appeal to beginning readers.


Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre 2008

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