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The Guild of Geniuses

ISBN: 9780439430968 Pages: 40 Ages: 4-8 Dimensions: 8.82" x 11.28"
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About this book

Are you having a bad weather day? You should try Dr. Lancaster's Portable Weather Machine. Want to rise above it all? Check out Dr. Torrance's Anti-Gravity Belt. Yes, THE GUILD OF GENIUSES has created many fantastic inventions to satisfy humanity's most pressing needs...

So when Fred's best friend Mr. Pip seems a little down, Fred knows just who to call. The Guild introduces Mr. Pip to other monkeys (in case he was lonely) and throws him a parade (so he can feel important). But it turns out Fred may hold the solution after all -- and he doesn't have to be a genius to be a good friend.


Praise for The Guild of Geniuses

"Children will chuckle over the urbane visual humor in this promising debut." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Kitschy fifties design and appealingly drawn characters make this a promising debut from Santat... Readers should keep an eye on Santat's attention-getting art and sympathetic monkey hero." -- Publishers Weekly

"Santat creates a fabulous world filled with kitschy delights... Some will recognize elements of Maira Kalman and William Joyce's artwork, but Santat is freshly his own." -- Booklist

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