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Colossal Canada

ISBN: 9781443128209 Pages: 128 Ages: 8-12 Dimensions: 5.26" x 9.18"
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About this book

100 things to make us stand up and belt out “O Canada!”

From Chris Hadfield to the maple leaf, peacekeeping to poutine, and mukluks, tuques, grizzlies, and chinooks, this fast-moving and eye-opening book will give young Canadians plenty to cheer about.

Colossal Canada is a wide-ranging round-up of the people, places, animals and events that make us uniquely Canadian. It includes chapters on unforgettable moments in our history, exceptional inventions, monsters and myths, and all of our biggest, best, highest, and most extreme accomplishments.

Kids and adults alike will love learning all about their home and native land — and sharing these fascinating facts with family and friends!


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