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The Brain Is Kind of a Big Deal

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ISBN: 9781338167009 Pages: 40 Ages: 6-8 Dimensions: 9.522" x 9.542"
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About this book

Have you ever thought about everything your brain does for you? It is always working to keep you alive and safe. (Plus it lets you think about funny stuff, too.) So why is the brain such a big deal? Because it makes you YOU, of course!

This funny and factual picture book from Heart and Brain creator Nick Seluk explains the science behind everything the brain helps you do: keeping your heart beating, telling you when you are sleepy, remembering stuff, and more. The brain is in charge of everything you do, every minute of every day for your entire life. That's kind of a big deal.

Each spread features bite-sized text and comic-style art with sidebars sprinkled throughout. Anthropomorphized organs and body parts -- recognizable from Nick Seluk's New York Times bestselling book -- help readers learn through funny jokes and comic panels. Funny, smart, and accessible, The Brain Is Kind of a Big Deal is a must-have!


"Seluk's breezy, conversational prose and brightly colored, bodly outlined cartoon illustrations deliver basic information. . . .A good overview of this complex, essential organ, with an energetic seasoning of silliness."--Kirkus Reviews

"Humor is the platter on which science is served, and everything here is done with the lightest touch. . . .A winning balance of laughter and learning."--Booklist

"Seluk intermingles simple information on the role of the brain and how we learn with silly, humorous comics-style illustrations. . . .this is a winner."--School Library Journal

"A bold, humorous nonfiction introduction to the human brain and how it functions. . . .Readers will delight in the comic details of this title while learning a ton of facts about a typically complex subject."--School Library Connection

Praise for The Sun Is Kind of a Big Deal:

"This charming star shines bright." -- Kirkus Reviews

"The silliness might be the trick to get students learning about the sun in a fun way. VERDICT An amusing treat for kids interested in space." -- School Library Journal

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