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    Zoom! Canadian Title

    By Robert Munsch   Illustrated by Michael Martchenko   

    Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9780779114320 Paperback
    32 Pages | 8.020" x 10.002" | Ages 3 to 8

    Lauretta has a need for speed – in her super-powered wheelchair!

    It’s finally time for Lauretta to get a new wheelchair. But she isn't satisfied with a regular 5- or 10- speed model. Nothing will do but the 92-speed, black, silver and red, dirt bike wheelchair!

    When Lauretta gets a speeding ticket during her tryout of the super wheels, her parents tell her the wheelchair has to go back. But when her brother has an accident, only Lauretta and her 92-speed, black, silver and red, dirt-bike wheelchair can get him to the hospital in time!

    With his trademark wit and whimsy, this classic Robert Munsch story celebrates that all kids can use their own strengths and talents to do great things! Now reissued with a bright new cover design.

    Robert Munsch wrote this story after receiving a letter from a fan named Lauretta, who asked for a story about a girl who walks with crutches and uses a wheelchair.

    Raves & reviews:

    Praise for Zoom!:

    "Lauretta's mom has reservations about the new wheelchair her daughter has selected — an expensive, ninety-two-speed dirt-bike model. When Lauretta gets a speeding ticket on her first excursion, her parents decide the chair must go back, but they change their minds when the speedy chair proves useful. The simple, episodic story and colorful, exaggerated cartoon illustrations are corny but energetic." — The Horn Book Guide

    "Strong-willed and quick-thinking Lauretta insists on the fastest, most souped-up wheelchair available. While her mother tries to persuade her to choose something a little more sensible, the girl prevails and she gets a 92-speed, dirt-bike model. Her love of speed gets her into some trouble with the police, but in the end, after her brother cuts his finger, she saves the day by whisking him off to the hospital. The watercolor, cartoon artwork conveys Lauretta's adventures and enhances the text. An amusing story with a positive message about young people with disabilities." — School Library Journal

    "Munsch's high-flying fantasy blends humor, hyperbole, and sound effects set down in large print to evoke both silliness and suspense. Lauretta herself is a spunky kid, whose crutches, leg braces, and wheelchair are part of her character, not the focus. The brightly colored, animated art is almost frenetic; it's full of exaggeration and witty details, such as the wheelchair megamart. But what sets this apart, of course, is the story's refreshing, lighthearted approach and its lively, unstoppable protagonist, who, like many kids her age, dreams of going fast, faster, fastest — on a great set of wheels." — Booklist

    Praise for Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko:

    "Laurel and Hardy, Holmes and Watson, peanut butter and jam — some things just go better together. Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko figured that out a number of years ago, and have been teaming up to produce silly, insanely popular books ever since." —Quill & Quire

    Praise for Robert Munsch:

    “[Munsch is] a kindergarten superstar he ranks up there with Pablum and Pampers in name recognition arguably the most published Canadian author ever, in any genre.” — The Globe and Mail, Report on Business Magazine

    "Munsch's parade of bright funny picture books has been a sales phenomenon in children's book publishing . . . And as Munsch books are requested by kids over and over every day in countless homes and schools, at story time and bedtime, the distinctive storyteller's voice will undoubtedly continue to be echoed for years to come by parents, teachers, babysitters and whomever else young kids can get to read to them." — The Chronicle Herald

    "Arguably the most successful kid-lit writer in North America." — Toronto Star

    "More witty, creative and entertaining than most of what passes for adult literature." — The Globe and Mail

    “Munsch is now as important to a whole generation of children as any television character. ”— Quill & Quire

    "Colourful, and humorously detailed watercolour paintings to tell the story of a little girl who wanted to go faster." — Quill & Quire