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Trackers #1

Trackers #1

By Patrick Carman   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780545165006 Hardcover
224 Pages | 5.73" x 8.57" | Ages 9 to 12

Bestselling author Patrick Carman pushes the book to the next level with this thrilling multimedia experience.

In the 21st century landscape of bits and bytes, everyone leaves a digital footprint—even the most advanced cyber criminals. And that's where the Trackers come in. Four tech-savvy kids armed with high-tech video cameras and esoteric coding skills, the trackers can find almost anyone, anywhere.

Through a collage of videos, text, and websites, Trackers #1 follows Adam, Finn, Lewis and Emily as they become entangled in a high-tech, high-stakes game of cat and mouse with Shantorian, the world's most dangerous hacker. At least, that's who they think they're tracking... As the four dig deeper into the shadowy world of online crime, they soon learn that things aren't always as they seem.

Raves & reviews:

Praise for Trackers

"An ingenious and entertaining mystery." —School Library Journal

"It is almost impossible not be caught up in this unconventional series and its many twists and touches of humour." —Booklist

"This is a tale of intrigue and double crossing, with more twists than one can keep track of. " —VOYA