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The Puppy Collection #7: Houdini's Escape Canadian Title

By Susan Hughes   Illustrated by Leanne Franson   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443146500 Paperback
96 Pages | 5.28" x 7.61" | Ages 6 to 9

Can Kat, Maya and Grace keep Houdini out of trouble?

When Aunt Jenn asks Kat, Maya and Grace to help her care for a little mischievous beagle pup named Houdini, the girls don't know the trouble they're in for. True to his name, Houdini somehow manages to escape from his kennel the very first time they come to play with him!

Houdini proves to be a master escape artist, and though the girls foil a couple of his attempts to get away, it's not long before he manages to sneak away from under their noses.

Will the girls be able to find the missing puppy?