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  • Short-listed, Red Cedar Award (BC Young Readers' Choice), 2013
  • Commended, Bank Street College of Education - Best Children's Books of the Year, 2013
  • Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, 2013
  • Commended, American Library Association, Best Fiction for Young Adults, 2013
  • Commended, Dolly Gray Award, 2013

The Encyclopedia of Me Canadian Title

By Karen Rivers   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780545469517 Ebook
304 Pages | Ages 10 to 14

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780545310284 Hardcover
256 Pages | 5.77" x 8.6" | Ages 10 to 14

A is for "Aardvark," "Tink Aaron-Martin" and "Amazing" in this wonderful alphabetical novel!

Tink Aaron-Martin has been grounded again after an adventure with her best friend Freddie Blue Anderson. To make the time pass, she decides to write an encyclopedia of her life from "Aa" (a kind of lava — okay, she cribbed that from the real encyclopedia) to "Zoo" (she's never been to one, but her brothers belong there).

As the alphabet unfolds, so does the story of Tink's summer: More adventures with Freddie Blue (and more experiences in being grounded). How her family was featured in a magazine about "Living with Autism," thanks to her older brother Seb — and what happened after Seb fell apart; her growing friendship, and maybe more, with Kai, a skateboarder who made her swoon (sort of ). And her own sense that maybe she belongs not under "H" for "Hideous," or "I" for "Invisible," but "O" for "Okay."

Told entirely through Tink's hilarious encyclopedia entries, The Encyclopedia of Me is both a literary trick and a reading treat for anyone who loves terrific middle-grade novels.

Raves & reviews:

Praise for The Encyclopedia of Me

"Tink lives up to her early claim of being an 'unstoppable force of encyclopedia-writing brilliance,' providing pearls of adolescent wisdom, dazzling accounts of adventure, and one near brush with fame. Tink's first-person narrative is vibrant and exuberantly opinionated, whether she is describing life with her hairless cat or pondering the meaning of her first kiss." —Publishers Weekly

"E is for excellent. As in, the excellent new novel by Victoria's Karen Rivers...With humour and sensitivity, Rivers explores the complexities of the emotionally confusing tween years. While there may seem to be a lot here for one novel, readers will feel a real kinship to Tink as she steps out of her comfort zone and reaches toward being the person she wishes to be." —Quill & Quire

"Tink is a charming, smart, and honest young protagonist, and this makes for a heartfelt, light, but not quite-breezy read." —Booklist

"Cleverly woven through the titular encyclopedia-with entries as seemingly mundane as "Apple" and "Oxen"— [The Encyclopedia of Me] is the touchingly real and often humorous story of a preteen's struggles with family, friendship and first love." —Kirkus

"Through the alphabet, the summer, and the start of the new school year, Tink remains true to herself, but her personality and confidence grow stronger, creating a light but sincere and spirited story." —Horn Book