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    Moving Day! Canadian Title

    By Robert Munsch   Illustrated by Michael Martchenko   

    Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443163989 Hardcover
    32 Pages | Ages 3 to 8

    Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443163996 Paperback
    32 Pages | 8.01" x 9.95" | Ages 3 to 8

    Moving day has never been so much fun!

    Moving day is never easy, especially when there are little kids around. Mom and Dad can really use big sister Danielle’s help in taking care the little kids. And she knows just how to keep them out of the way — pack them up with all of the stuff!

    When the family arrives at their brand-new home, and the kids are unpacked — well, let’s just say that they are ready to take care of Danielle, too!

    This story was inspired by a family that Robert Munsch once stayed with in Montreal, Quebec — which had five children and had moved to a new house only days before! This funny tale is for all kids, especially those who have dealt with the stress of a big move. And even more especially for those who have dreamt about turning the tables on an older sibling’s pranks.