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More Hockey Trivia for Kids Canadian Title

By Eric Zweig   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443146807 Paperback
128 Pages | 5.257" x 7.626" | Ages 8 to 12

The teams! The trophies! The players! The mascots!. . . and more!

Do you know about the longest-ever NHL game? The youngest NHL player to put the biscuit in the basket? The oldest Olympian? Hockey expert Eric Zweig scores with another volume of hockey facts, stories and fun.

Read about the accountant who played in the NHL for one night only — and won! — and about the viral debut of Gritty. Find out what horse poop and LED technology have in common. Get the lowdown on leagues, from where the Swamp Rabbits play to where Wayne Gretzky first played pro (hint, it's not the NHL!).

It's all here, plus the latest stats and records, with photos and illustrations throughout.