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May 31, 2021

As COVID-19 continues to impact schools and libraries, we remain sensitive to the needs of children to continue their learning and to reap the many benefits that literature brings them, especially during these challenging times. We continue to marvel at the educators, librarians and others across the country who remain committed to bringing the wonders of reading and literature to students. We want to support these efforts by sharing our updated Read Aloud Permission Policy in effect through August 31, 2021.  

If you have previously emailed with your request for English-language books, you may keep your video live until August 31, 2021.

However, all NEW requests from schools and libraries for Scholastic Canada and Éditions Scholastic (French) books must be made through Access Copyright. If your school or institution is in Quebec, please contact Copibec

Before making your request, see “How to identify the publisher of your book” to confirm that Scholastic Canada is the original publisher.

Scholastic Canada will reply by email within five (5) business days if there are concerns about your request. If you are not contacted within this timeframe, you may proceed with your intended use.

If your school, library or educational institution does not have an Access Copyright license, then we ask that you please follow these guidelines:


Guidelines for Teachers and Educators:

1. We ask that you post your reading through your school's platform or another closed group or platform with limited access for your students, such as your school’s or district’s network, Edmodo, Google Classroom, or similar service. However, we recognize this may not be possible, in which case you may post your video on YouTube, provided the video is posted as “unlisted” (not public) and you only share a link to the video with your students.  Click here for instructions on how to upload a video to YouTube as unlisted.

2. At the beginning of your video, please state that you are presenting your reading “with permission from Scholastic Canada.”

3. Please delete your video or disable access by the end of this current school term, but no later than August 31, 2021, unless we announce an extension to this policy.

4. Please complete the Permission Form.

By posting a reading, you are agreeing to abide by the above terms.

5. Finally, we would love to follow along with your read-aloud, so please tag Scholastic Canada’s social media handles in any posts affiliated with it:

Twitter: @scholasticCDA
Instagram: @scholasticcda
Facebook: @scholasticCanada
YouTube: The Scholastic Channel


Guidelines for Authors, Booksellers and Librarians

1. A live “story time” or other reading event may be livestreamed, in real time, on platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, provided they are not retained by the platform after the live event is over.  These platforms automatically archive livestreamed events, so you will have to go in to your account with the platform and delete the video when the live event is over.  For example, click here for instructions on how to delete a “live video” from your YouTube account.

2. At the beginning of your video, please state that you are presenting your reading “with permission from Scholastic Canada.”

3. Please complete the Permission Form.

4. Finally, we would love to keep up with your read-aloud activity, so please tag Scholastic Canada's social media handles in any posts related to your read-alouds:

Twitter: @scholasticCDA
Instagram: @scholasticcda
Facebook: @scholasticCanada
YouTube: The Scholastic Channel



Please explore the links below to learn more about our offerings and resources for at-home and in-school reading and learning:

Thank you for all your efforts to enhance remote learning for children. Scholastic is grateful for your partnership as we continue to develop new ways of addressing the needs of parents, teachers and students during these difficult times. As always, if you have questions about permission to use any Scholastic Canada publications, please email


NOTE:  How to identify the publisher of your book.

The above policy applies only to books published by Scholastic Canada. Please check the book's copyright page. If it is published by one of our affiliates you will need to contact them directly:

Scholastic also distributes books by many other publishers. If a different publisher is noted on the copyright page, we cannot grant permission and you will need to follow the guidelines of that publisher.