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Issues21 - Grades 7-12

Issues21 - Grades 7-12
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Issues 21 integrates social justice with problem-based
inquiry to engage and inspire students.

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    In Issues 21, students will discover innovative ways of understanding, confronting, and addressing issues they really care about. They will also develop 21st century competencies in critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, character, and ethical citizenship.

    This interdisciplinary resource raises issues that build on literacy, media literacy, science, social studies, and math. All 24 titles offer engaging, thought-provoking texts and visuals, such as mind maps, graphics, and photographs. Each book is divided into three sections:

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  • Step 1 — The Issue presents issues surrounding the topic to build students’ understanding of the issue.
  • Step 2 — Game-Changers showcases the people, events, and ideas that have changed the issue in some way—for good or bad.
  • Step 3 — Take Action supports students with suggestions for personal, local, and global action.
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Each title includes:

  • Teacher's Guide
  • Teacher Website with additional content and Anchor Video to introduce the topic and provide background knowledge
  • Access to Digital Overview Guide

Each title is available in 16 or 26 packs with accompanied teacher's guide.



Human Rights

Culture & Media

Photograph of Dr. Jeffrey D. Wilhelm

Series Editor Dr. Jeffrey D. Wilhelm

“When you give kids a puzzle or a problem, it has natural holding power. They naturally want to try to address that puzzle or that problem. Anything we teach has to be in service of the self, of peers, of the classroom, of the community, of the world and the environment. And one thing I love about Issues 21 is how it does that.”

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