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The Superteacher Project

Categories: Fiction
Paperback  Ebook  Hardcover  
ISBN: 9781443198011 Pages: Ages: 9-12 Dimensions: 5.750" x 8.625"

About this book

It’s the start of a new school year and Oliver is looking forward to a seventh-grade year full of spitballs, jokes and pranks with his friend Nathan. And their new homeroom teacher, Mr. Aidact, looks like a prime target. He’s an odd duck — with a weird, stilted vocabulary, an unusual way of looking at things, and a strangely old student teacher constantly in tow. He also has a seemingly superhuman ability to detect and defuse almost every one of Oliver’s schemes.

But that’s not all of it. Mr. Aidact seems to be teaching pretty much every subject. He’s willing to take over jobs no other teacher will, like supervising detention and coaching the field hockey team. Oliver and Nathan are determined to find out what is up with this guy.

What they uncover is out of this world!

Mr. Aidact is, in fact, superhuman — he’s an android, a secret project of the Department of Education. And when the secret leaks out, the school and the PTA are in an uproar, and calls for his “deactivation” are loud and clear.

Can Oliver and his friends turn this plan around and save the teacher they’ve grown to love and appreciate?


Shortlisted, Diamond Willow Award (Saskatchewan Young Readers' Choice) 2024
Commended, TD Summer Reading Club, Top Recommended Read 2024

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