Photo of Middle School Mischief (The Magical Reality of Nadia #2)

Middle School Mischief (The Magical Reality of Nadia #2)

Categories: Fiction
Hardcover  Ebook  
ISBN: 9781338572292 Pages: 176 Ages: 8-12 Dimensions: 5.625" x 8.500"

About this book

Nadia loves fun facts. Here are a few about her:

  • There was a magical—and hilarious—ancient Egyptian teacher named Titi trapped in her hippo amulet until she freed him last fall.

  • Her school is choosing a new mascot and her idea is totally going to win!

  • She’s going to kick butt writing for the school newspaper this term...

...Maybe. A couple of weeks in, the newspaper is a big mess. The mascot contest is mayhem, too. (Who knew choosing a costumed character could cause such controversy?!)

Then Nadia and Titi discover that the hippo amulet holds a second secret, one that’s super powerful—and super scary. Too bad they have no idea how to stop it.

But Nadia is on the case! If she can solve the mystery of an ancient amulet, winning the mascot contest and acing her reporter assignments should be easy...right?

From The Daily Show comedian Bassem Youssef and author Catherine R. Daly comes a humorous and heartfelt story about integrity, empathy, power, and friendship.

Includes sections of black-and-white comics as well as black-and-white illustrations throughout, brought to life by Last Kids on Earth illustrator, Douglas Holgate.


Praise for The Magical Reality of Nadia:

“This lighthearted read bubbles with jokes, magic, comics, and the ever-persistent issues of friendship and personal identity. And yet, the cheerful tone belies deep messages of acceptance and understanding that are brought beautifully to life. Whimsically packaged into a relatable tale, the message to celebrate diversity and identity comes through loud and clear in this must-buy.” –School Library Journal, starred review

“Youssef based the novel on his daughter’s experience moving to the U.S. from Egypt, and the labor of love comes through, sweet and silly. The bullying on display isn’t the threatening kind; the new kid is popular and often terrifically funny, but his hurtful humor cuts down those around him. Nadia isn’t perfect, but she handles the hurdles with grace, making this a poignant ode to the American ideals of blended culture and community.” –Booklist

"In this heartfelt tale, Youseff and Daly strike a solid balance between magical worldbuilding, witty humor, and a unifying anti-xenophobic theme." –Publishers Weekly

"Readers will cheer for Nadia as she responds to prejudice and affirms her identity." –Kirkus Reviews

“Humorous black-and-white illustrations, including some comic pages, draw in even the nonbookworms.” –Parents Magazine

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