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The Language of Seabirds

Ebook  Paperback  Hardcover  
ISBN: 9781338753745 Pages: 256 Ages: 8-12 Dimensions: 5.250" x 7.500"

About this book

Jeremy is not excited about the prospect of spending the summer with his dad and his uncle in a seaside cabin in Oregon. It's the first summer after his parents' divorce, and he hasn't exactly been seeking alone time with his dad. He doesn't have a choice, though, so he goes... and on his first day takes a walk on the beach and finds himself intrigued by a boy his age running by. Eventually, he and Runner Boy (Evan) meet -- and what starts out as friendship blooms into something neither boy is expecting... and also something both boys have been secretly hoping for.


Praise for The Language of Seabirds:

* "Jeremy's entry into adolescence is warm and triumphant without offering pat solutions or platitudes. A wonderful, tender story about changing relationships." -- Kirkus Reviews, starred review

* "Via a leisurely third-person narration that effectively conjures the agony of first texts and the emotional awkwardness of adolescence, Taylor (Maggie & Abby’s Neverending Pillow Fort) writes with vulnerability the conflict of being in-between." -- Publishers Weekly, starred review

"An atmospheric LGBTQIA+ romance perfect for all middle grade and young adult collections." -- School Library Journal

"A warm-hearted story that affirms and celebrates a tender relationship between two boys." -- The Horn Book

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