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Power Play (Hockey Super Six)

Part of series: Hockey Super Six
ISBN: 9781039701984 Pages: 176 Ages: 8-12 Dimensions: 5.875" x 7.500"

About this book

. . . Benny, Jenny, Karl, Starlight, DJ and Mo got zapped in an evil plot gone wrong — and they became the super-est team the world has ever seen.

In this new instalment, the Six are awoken from their icy prison only to find out there is a new villain (fallen former superstar Sam Boni, AKA Ned Doosa) on the loose, and he is kidnapping Canada’s best hockey players. Why? To control their minds and assemble the best team of all time to win the Snowlympic Gold Medal.

Soon enough the Six get themselves into Boni's inner sanctum and must participate in an all-or-nothing game with this new superstar lineup. The losers will be tossed into the collider to create more energy. Can the Six win by losing? Yes. Will there be hockey action and non-stop laughs along the way? Yes and yes.

Join the Six in this seventh instalment of their madcap quest to save the world through hockey!

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