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Rreading Levels at a Glance

How Each Levelling System Works:

  • GRL — Guided Reading Levels This system, developed by Fountas and Pinnell, evaluates a variety of factors — book and print features, content, themes, and language and literary features — to level books from A to Z.
  • RL — Grade Level Equivalent Reading level is determined by the results of one or more standard readability formulas that assess the number of sentences per page, length and complexity of sentences, vocabulary, and reading levels.
  • NR — Not Rated These books have not yet been evaluated and assigned a Guided Reading Level letter.

Guided Reading Level ChartThe books featured in the Scholastic Reading Club offers are leveled from A to Z according to the popular Fountas & Pinnell system. How do you choose which levels are right for your classroom? Use this chart as a basis for "average" classrooms, adding levels to meet the needs of your student population.

What is Guided Reading? 146 Kb PDF

Guided Reading Level Chart 384 Kb PDF

What is Levelled Reading?

Guided Reading Levels A to Z.

Access the Book Wizard for leveling information on more than 50,000 titles!

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