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Updated May 31, 2021
Read aloud guidelines for Scholastic Canada books:

All material published by Scholastic Canada is protected by copyright law. If you wish to reproduce an excerpt of text or illustrations from one of our books, you must contact us first. All permission requests must be made in writing. Based on volume and complexity of requests, it can take 3 – 4 weeks for a response. Please allow sufficient time for a reply from us!

Scholastic evaluates each request on an individual basis and in most cases, charges a fee for use of its copyrighted material. If you are an educator in a Canadian public school, please see our Permissions FAQ or visit Access Copyright to determine if you need to send in a request.

Scholastic distributes books from many publishers, therefore we suggest that you check the copyright page of the book to confirm if Scholastic Canada is the original copyright holder before you contact us. Please review the Permissions FAQ for assistance.

To request permission to reproduce our material, submit your request online, complete the permissions request form (PDF) or send in your written request by mail, email or fax. Your request must include the following:

  1. Details about the Scholastic Canada book from which you wish to reproduce material, this includes:
    • Title
    • Author/editor
    • ISBN and Year of copyright
    • Page number(s) on which the requested excerpt appears
    • Illustrations you wish to use (if applicable)
    • Type of use
    • Proposed publication date
    • Print run
    • Format (hardcover, paperback, electronic, teacher's guide, etc.)
    • Total number of pages for each edition
    • List price(s)
    • Territory/market in which it will be sold, i.e. Canada, North America, World Educational etc.
    TIP: Emailing a scan or faxing a copy of the copyright page and excerpt requested can help speed up your request.
  2. Details about you and/or your company along with contact information, including email address and phone number.
  3. Information about your publication/product and type of use requested, i.e.: print, web, audio, video, etc.

*If your request is for a web or non-print use, please send in a written description outlining your project in detail.

Send your request to:

Scholastic Canada
604 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1E1
Fax: 416.849.7912